The Circle is managed by a Committee chaired by Florence Notter and composed of 9 members.

The Committee is responsible for the general coordination of the activities. It also rules on new membership applications, organises the major meetings and runs the annual programme. It reports to the Board of the Fondation pour Genève through its representative, the Director-General of the Fondation pour Genève.

Florence Notter-Daugny
Cecelia Nehmé
Committee Member
Carla Hilber Del Pozzo
Adeline Quast
Committee Member
Floriane Roth
Béatrice Rötheli
Committee Member
Catherine Moser
Anne Zecca
Committee Member
Tatjana Darani
Representative of the Board of the Fondation pour Genève


Honorary members

Marie-Thérèse Pictet-Althann, Co-founder et a. President
Christiane Steck, Co-founder et a. Vice-president
Véronique Rochette, a. President
Véronique Walter, a. Vice-president
Marina Colas
Françoise Demole
Marie-Thérèse Pictet
Marie-Christine Streuli
Pierrette Waldvogel