International Circle

The organisation

Each year, the International Circle offers a personalized welcome that facilitates integration into Geneva life:

  •  Conferences and debates
  •  Aperitifs and thematic dinners in private homes
  •  Exceptional visits and special events
  •  Activities covering a wide range of themes (leisure activities, thematic visits, conferences and debates, workshops)
  •  Monthly coffee meetings
  • All our events are bilingual (French-English).

About sixty active multilingual Geneva members voluntarily animate nearly 200 annual meetings with dynamism and enthusiasm.
Members have the option of joining one or more activity groups. Most meetings are held in private homes. An invitation is sent to the participants of the activity group before each meeting, specifying the place and date of the event.

In addition, the Circle organizes three “Grand Events” bringing together all members for an excursion or a visit of particular interest and related to what makes Switzerland great.

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