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International Cercle

Supporting Geneva's international development

Based on the Swiss tradition of hospitality, the International Circle and its active Geneva members aim to welcome to our country international newcomers and their spouses to help make their stay more pleasant and enriching. We also strive to create synergies between the international and local communities living in Geneva.
To do so, we benefit from a large network that allows us to organize meetings encompassing interviews, conferences, debates, outings, and workshops on a wide range of topics.
We look forward to meeting you in our Circle, a symbol of a Geneva that is dynamic and open to the world.


Message from the President of the International Circle, Florence Notter-Daugny

Our wish is to make your stay in Geneva interesting, pleasant, enriching, and enjoyable; to facilitate your integration into the life of our region and local society, while allowing you to establish personal ties with Geneva residents.
Our gratitude: to the Fondation pour Genève which has been supporting us for more than twenty years, to our Geneva friends who, thanks to their network and their skills, create, organize and animate our different meetings while receiving us in their private residences always with great generosity, which makes our Circle “unique”’

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